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Leave it to us...

Daybreak Management Group, LLC is a full-service, event curation and coordination company headquartered in New York City. 


Since 2016, we’ve taken pride in sharing our expertise, vibrance, and knack for elegance to meticulously plan monumental moments--- servicing our clients in excellence.  

Founded by Strategist and Creative Entrepreneur Melissa Best, Daybreak Management Group is comprised of brilliant, creative minds who are dedicated to curating memories that are rooted in joy, beauty and intricate detail.


Our Values

  • We lead with excellence and commit our efforts to produce successful outcomes. 

  • We honor integrity and skillfully design processes that build confidence and bring clarity to the client’s vision. 

  • We specialize in innovation and approach every occasion with unparalleled creativity and an elevated design. 

  • We value the client experience and ensure every interaction from creation to execution is grounded in intentionality.


Our Team

Along with clear strategy, our teams are essential and central to our business and client success. The success of our events and strength of our client and vendor relationships would not be possible without the support and professionalism of the DMG support team.

Meet Melissa

The Curator Extraordinaire

Melissa Best revels in capturing the magic in the mundane-- discovering the beauty in every moment, effortlessly. As the Founder and Lead Consultant of Daybreak Management Group, LLC, Melissa utilizes her extensive background in project management and event production to bring clarity and creativity to memorable experiences.


Since 2016, Melissa and her team have supported countless clients with comprehensive planning strategies and creative design-- meticulously curating milestone celebrations, luxe weddings, live productions, and corporate events in excellence. 


When she’s not executing experiences, Melissa is building a legacy of faith and generosity with her husband and three children in Brooklyn, NY. 

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