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Empowering entrepreneurial excellence in NYC Schools

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Welcome to DMG Dream L.A.B. — a trailblazing educational initiative curated by Daybreak Management Group, LLC. Our mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within NYC students in economically disadvantaged communities. Rooted in a commitment to nurture innovation, creativity, and business acumen, our comprehensive programming equips students with the skills, community, and resources needed to thrive in the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship.

Equipped with a team of successful entrepreneurs based in the Arts, Media, Law, Business & Finance, Tech, and Hospitality industries, we are excited about partnering with local schools, community-based organizations, and leaders in an effort to cultivate innovation and curiosity in our NYC student population.


Our vision is to create a world where every young mind, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to dream, create, and lead. We envision a future where program participants are equipped to become successful entrepreneurs and compassionate leaders, driving economic growth and social progress. By cultivating a culture of innovation, and lifelong learning, we aspire to inspire generations of visionary change-makers who shape the future with their innovative solutions. Join us in creating spaces that empower the next generation of creative visionaries.

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Meet Melissa Best, Brooklyn native, and visionary behind Daybreak Management Group, LLC (DMG) and the Dream L.A.B.


With a passion for urban education initiatives and an unwavering commitment to fostering creative entrepreneurship, Melissa has been a force of innovation - successfully launching businesses and supporting start ups as a strategist since 2012. An alum of Loyola University in Maryland, Melissa's academic journey laid the foundation for her career. She honed her expertise by completing a certificate in Events and Convention Management at Medgar Evers College and Organizational Behavior & Change at New York University. Most recently, her pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence led her to Cornell University, where she earned an advanced certificate in Leadership & Entrepreneurship.

Melissa's roots run deep in the heart of Brooklyn, where she serves as an ordained minister. Her commitment to the community shines through her mission to ensure that New York City's youth have access to the mentorship, education, and opportunities they rightfully deserve.

Melissa Best embodies the spirit of empowerment, education, and creativity, and her journey continues to inspire those who cross her path. Join her and the Dream L.A.B. team in shaping a brighter future through innovative thinking and unwavering dedication.


Our expertise lies in entrepreneurial training, coaching, education, and mentorship. Our team is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs, educators, and industry professionals who provide expert guidance in every step of the entrepreneurial journey — from business ideation and planning to marketing, branding, design, legal, and finance.


Through hands-on learning experiences, practical exercises, interactive activities, and a meticulously crafted project-based curriculum, we prepare students (and parents) to not only dream big but to build and lead their own ventures. Beyond traditional entrepreneurship pathways, many careers require employees to approach their work with an entrepreneurial mind-set. Sales professionals, tech innovators, managers, and educators alike have to employ leadership skills, strategy, innovation, and management skills to thrive in their industries. As such, the skillset students and parents acquire through our programming equips them to lead, innovate, and build whether they plan to launch their own venture, or work in innovative spaces.


Explore the rich opportunities waiting for you at the Dream L.A.B.



Step into a world of hands-on learning and transformational growth with our engaging workshops. Designed to unleash entrepreneurial potential, these workshops are dynamic, immersive experiences. Each workshop is led by seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts, and empowers attendees to dive deep into the realms of business ideation, innovation, and creative problem-solving.



Designed to empower you with real-world skills and practical insights, these extended learning opportunities allow you to delve deep into the process of transforming your ideas into tangible projects. Over the course of several days or weeks, participants will be challenged to apply knowledge, experiment with new approaches, and tackle real-world challenges – all while receiving personalized guidance and feedback from experts in the field. By the end of each project, participants not only have a completed project to showcase but also a heightened sense of confidence, a broader perspective on innovation, and a set of skills ready to be applied in their entrepreneurial endeavors.



Where innovation meets action...

Acquire the tools, knowledge, and mentorship needed to develop your own business from the ground up. Dive into immersive workshops, refine your business concept, and harness your creativity. Sharpen your pitch in a Shark Tank-style showcase, and at the program's culmination, present your innovative solution to the community for a chance to secure a grant that could kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. Transform your ideas into reality – Dream L.A.B is where your dreams take flight.



Are you ready to take the first step towards igniting your community's entrepreneurial potential? Reach out to us to learn more about how the Dream L.A.B can enrich your educational offerings and empower the dreams of your community members.

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